How to Check Browsing History on WiFi Router: A Step-By-Step Guide

Checking the Web browsing history on your Wifi router helps you control the network access activities of connected devices. All visited content will be stored under a log and you can access and check it through the history menu of the browser. So how to check to browse history on wifi routers like Spectrum, TP-link, or Xfinity? Follow the article below.

How to check browsing history on wifi router?

The procedures for checking the surfing history on the wifi router are as follows:

1. Get your IP address

The IP address will usually be on the back of the router. In addition, you can also get the IP address by checking on your Windows or Macbook operating system computer.

To check the IP address on Windows: Go to Settings => Network & Internet => View your network properties and navigate to the “Default Gateway” section to check the IP address.

To check the IP address on the MAC: Go to Apple logo => System Preferences => Network > Advanced and find the IP address in the “TCP/IP” tab.

2. Copy the IP address

After searching and getting the router’s IP address, you will copy it. This IP address consists of 8 characters such as or

3. Paste the IP address into the address bar of a web browser

Go to a Web browser and paste your IP address in. The system will then take you to the login page for your router.

4. Sign in with your router’s admin username and password

Proceed to log in to the router using the default name and password you can check behind the router. To be able to access the system administration page.

5. View your logs

To view Web browsing history on a Wifi router, when accessing the administration system you will see a list of Web sites displayed as IP addresses that your router has visited.

To check the Web history of a certain IP address in the router, select “Device List” and check the Web browsing history of each IP address connected to the router.

Checking Router Logs: A Step-by-Step Guide

To easily manage and control all operations and actions on the Internet, you should know how to check the operation of the router you are using.

This is beneficial if you have young children and want to keep an eye on their internet activities. As well as can prevent strangers from accessing the network, affecting the inoperable transmission line.

Here are the steps to check the router log you can refer to and perform:

  1. Use an IP address like or to access the Web browser. Then log in your user name and password to access the router’s administration system.
  2. Go to the system administration page and find the log entry.
  3. Select “Enable” if the feature is not already enabled. After activation, your router will automatically monitor and record logs and browsing history on Wifi routers with all IP protocols when that address has a connection to the router.
  4. To check your browsing history, select “Logs” on the log page. The system will display the full IP addresses of users who have linked and accessed the network. To check the Web browsing log, you can select each IP address to check.


How to clear wifi router history?

To delete your Wifi router history, you need to log in to the administrative system. Next to the log view, the IP address’s activity history will have a section to delete the browsing history.

You can tap it to clear your router’s browsing history and also clear your browser’s cache.

Can you check your phone browsing history on WiFi?

If you use a phone with a network connection and connect directly to the Wifi router. Then the owner who manages that router when accessing the system can also check your browsing history.

Final Thoughts

Hope this will be useful information that you are looking for to be able to check your own browsing history on your Wifi router. Or prevent management from others when accessing private Web sites, you can manually delete data, and visit Web sites. If it was helpful to you, leave us a comment!