Login Admin and Default Router IP Address

The IP address can be used to access modems or wireless routers. This IP address is commonly used for router brands like Asus or Sweex. In addition to the IP address, other IP addresses like or can also be used to access Wi-Fi routers. admin interface

The IP address is mostly used by brands like Sweex, TP-Link, Asus and D-Link. You can use this address to access the admin interface and change or check all settings inside the network. You can also use it to restrict access to certain websites. For quick access, you can click on the link below: login

Most Default logins for

The default login for is username “admin” and password “admin“. The default admin password is available for Asus or Sweex devices. Login Steps

There are a few quick methods to accessing the router’s administrative system. Follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Check that the device connected to your router has a stable network connection. You can also use a wired network when doing this to help limit problems accessing the network.
  2. Open the Web browser you are using (Preferably Google Chrome) and paste the address into the address bar of your Web browser.
  3. On the access screen, a login page will be displayed for you to enter your router’s username and password. The username and password information is usually located on the back of the router you can check.
  4. Logged in successfully. You should now be able to access the router’s administration system to check the settings and reset the configuration as desired.

The username is not found on the back of the router to get the login information. You can enter your router’s name and address into a Web browser to search for the default username and password. Or go to the device’s configuration page, there will be information to manage network and router settings. IP Address Problems & Solution

Why is there a problem when accessing the router’s admin page by IP address This could be for one of the following reasons:

  • IP address refuses to connect.
  • IP address is no longer active.
  • The IP address is available on the Web browser.

Some ways to fix and fix when you encounter this situation are:

  • Check connection: Review if the connections between the router and the computer are stable or not via LAN or Wifi.
  • Incorrect IP address name: Make sure you entered the correct IP address name in the format or The wrong 1 character will also cause your IP address to be changed and lead to an error when it is not accessible.
  • Entering wrong username and password: Entering the wrong information may mean that you have changed the default username and password information before. In case if you forget the password, you can reset the router back to the original default state.
  • Please reboot: You can restart your router when you get connection failures. By unplugging the router and disconnecting the LAN after a few minutes.
  • Check the firewall: It may be caused by your firewall blocking Internet access. How to fix please disable firewall settings and check again.

Final Thoughts

This article is a detailed guide on how to successfully log in to the router’s IP address You can consult and do it yourself when the router is having problems with errors or you need to change the settings inside it.